About the Charity

Who We Are

The charity was initiated by Father Toni El Khouli and its purpose is to preach the word of God, spread love and peace, and work to help those in need without discrimination. 

Father Toni El Khouli thanked the Canadian government for its confidence and noted that the preparation of the rules of procedure of the assembly is currently in the works. Membership requests will now be accepted from different countries and the charity's website will be used to disseminate objectives, news and updates and upcoming activities. Membership applications can also be submitted online. 




Campaigns Running


Base locations

Our Mission

We are a non-profit Canadian Charitable organization, whose goal is to Relieve Poverty, Advance Education & Religion whilst Benefitting & Helping the community.

Our programs differ over each mission, but our goal is always the same, the aid and the support for our community!

Our Vision

The Lord's Spirit charity will be a model non-profit organization by helping the community while incurring the lowest operating expenses of any organization of its type, appealing to the hearts of those who envision a world with less suffering and pain and who can help our charity achieve its goals for people who will continue to suffer without our help.

What makes us Different

Lord's Spirit Charity is unique in that it operates with no direct labor expenses as the organization is managed through a well-established network of volunteers from all over the world. All officers, directors and those who contribute their time and efforts to better the lives of thousands of people in need, do so without any monetary compensation

Your support matters!

Giving a donation to the Lord’s Spirit Charity and help us to reach more families and help transform their lives for the better. Let’s put our hands together for the better…

  or call + 1 416-938-5774

The Board Of Directors

Coming from different backgrounds from across the globe with one mission, to help and help and help!

Father Toni El Khouli
Richard Khawli
Vice President
Elham Saleh
Executive Secretary
Fadi Nasr
Mansour Karam
Public Relations
Raouf Salim Said Besharat
Activities Manager